Andrew Naish

Having completed a Foundation Course in Art and Design at St. Albans, followed by a HND in Museum and Exhibition Design in Hull, Andrew spent nearly 20 years in exhibition design initially for trade fairs and subsequently for museums.

He picked up his brushes again in 2010 and he works predominantly in interactive acrylics, more because that is the first thing he picked up when returning to art than a considered choice. Their illusive availability adds to the charm. Andrew believes painting is great because the more you paint the more you see. He quite enjoys painting to suit a brief, perhaps instilled from his background in commercial solution based design, but also from the satisfaction of answering a question.

Andrew does have subject areas that attract him, however; for example, he likes how we interact with the built environment and how the built environment changes around us. He can often be found out photographing road works, demolitions, empty spaces and landscapes sometimes using these as inspiration for his work.

Andrew is a member of the Eagle Gallery, Bedford, and is currently living and painting in Luton.

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