Kim Major-George

Whispering Rhythms

Kim is an established artist printmaker who uses the textured form of collagraph hand pulled printing to create her unusual images.  Kim’s main influences are ancient spiritual iconography, esoteric wisdoms, affirmations and poetry.

She trained during the 1970’s in design and interiors and later went on to teach art whilst working as a freelance surface pattern designer and illustrator.  It was whilst illustrating for the Mind, Body and Spirit industry that she came across collagraph hand pulled printing.  The raw textured mark making so inspired her that she now specialises in hand pulled printing, writing and pushing the boundaries of print-making.

Over the last ten years she has developed her own unique way of printing, using layered plates, imaginative embossing, hand embellishing and complex ways to mount the finished artwork.

Kim is the author of “Collagraph – a journey through texture”, a well regarded reference book on collagraph, and “All Cracked Up”, a specialist technical book on unusual finishes in print making.


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