Denise Bowser

Denise has been drawing and painting since she was five.  Despite her interest in art as a child, she became a journalist and worked for magazines, newspapers, radio and television.  Art, however, remained part of her life and she started devoting more time to it about 12 years ago.  She states that she is “in her element” when she paints.

Denise works with acrylics and oils and also uses a range of mixed media.  She regards her pieces as a leap into a fascinating world of colours and shapes.  She loves to use vibrant colours which she attributes to her life experiences in the sun of South America.

She lives in Harpenden and regularly takes part in art exhibitions including Herts Open Studios, Ayot St Lawrence Art Show, Harpenden Arts Club annual exhibition, Maynard Gallery in Welwyn Garden City and Parallax Art in Chelsea.


My Beautiful Sea (2011)


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